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From storyboarding to Confidence on Camera

Are you stuck? Are you lacking engagement with all of your efforts on camera?  You need to build your team and we have the resources. We've got wordsmiths, branding specialists, designers, video editors, story-boarders, infographic specialists, copywriters, and creative management: we can do it all.

As your Social Media Manager, I offer you:

  • The right words for the right message.
  • Compelling graphics that fit your branding
  • Conversion of text-to-icons for cleaner and visually compelling marketing
  • Developing your digital presence
  • Video creation and syndication
  • Professionally-vetted resources when you need them

There's nothing like expanding the abilities of your company without having to pay the extensive overhead! Pesky problems have also occurred, so we've been told, such as lack of stress, more productive days, confidence, and the sudden realization you're freed up to run your business and not be RUN by your business!

Marcelle is inspiring, friendly, reachable, communicative, and is helping me to make my organization the best it can be - and certainly better than it's ever been!

Nancy Balin
Nancy Balin Jameson Jewels

Around 3 years ago, I had little to no presence online on youTube, Instagram, and only one Facebook business page that I was utilizing, well... poorly. I now can say that through her coaching, support, clear directions and "home-play exercises," Marcelle has been directly responsible in helping me get seen, earn business, be heard, and hey... even "followed!" - Thank you, Marcelle. I highly recommend your services! You're SO appreciated!

Brian Trendler
Brian Trendler LAF Tech

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