Agreements for Professional Services.

Understand contract agreements, deadlines, reports, and more!

  • Month to Month

    Month to month options are available but 12 month contracts are suggested. Good campaigns require momentum and teamwork.

  • Funnel Testing

    Initial analysis of how people are buying from you. We’ll test your current sales funnel and identify weaknesses.

  • Facebook Comments Suggested

    Allow the Friends and Clients to engage on your website. This increases social proof and allows you to learn from your network.

  • Mobile Responsive Pages

    All pages will be optimized for mobile phones. Have you tested what your website looks like from your own phone lately?

  • Results Per Hour

    Developing new points of leverage is a high priority and we’ll discuss this more in Developing Digital You trainings.

  • Trashy Thoughs

    Your words matter. What you speak out-loud makes a difference. Keep it clean, especially online.

  • Best Practices

    Documenting & updataing your businesses best practices is one of our best practices.

  • Traveling

    Please don’t announce vacations and time away to your social network. Don’t become an easy target.

  • Photo Courtesy

    A photo is worth a thousand words and a photo where I’m not in it shouldn’t be tagged to me. Please only TAG photos of me when I’m there and I’ll do the same for you.

  • Written agreements

    The initial contract sets the framework. Major changes must be made in writing.

  • Personal Profiles

    You are still responsible for your own content on your accounts. Engage weekly and check in daily.

  • Wisdom Guide

    From day 1, we will capture the wisdom of your company. We’ll update the Wisdom Guide at the 1st of each quarter.

  • New Team Members

    Please communicate in writing the details of new team members. Include all relevant social links and phone number.

  • Saving Your Stuff

    We’ll suggest key tools to backup data and content but at the end of the day, it’s your responsibility.

  • Discuss Disappointments

    A 3 minute time limit is suggested for dumping discouragements, quickly after we’ll dive into brainstorming solutions.

  • Celebrate Creativity

    Let’s celebrate the wins of your team and share in each others creative breakthroughs.

  • Changing Paces

    You may want to SLOW down some months, and DIAL it up others. Let’s discuss.

  • Cancellation Policy

    If for any reason you must cancel your monthly services, let us know in writing and it will be done. Service will then be pro-rated as of the cancellation date and any remaining funds, returned to you.

  • Refund policy

    If you aren’t happy with our online courses within the first 30 days, can get 50% of your investment back.

  • Start with Why

    Please share your WHY with me. It’s important for me to understand your motivations and your purpose. Watch this incredible video by Simon Sinek on Start with Why.