Events & Trainings schedule

Plan ahead and schedule the events that work for you!

Most of these are schedule on as well under the meetup called "Developing Digital You"

Event Calendar

Strengthen your vocabulary, skill-set, and vision and before you know it dreams will be coming true!

Instagram TV IGTV!

Set up your instagram with IG TV. Learn about initial set up and how to optimize a show.

Pinterst Wisdom

Start going tall and getting more traffic with your pinterest content.

Instagram Stories

See how industry experts are weaving branding into their social imagery for a powerful instagram feed.

Blogging for SEO

Do you want to be found in the 1st page of search results? Ready to up your blogging game? Join us!

Discover the Data Artist

Explore your ways to becoming a Data Artist!

How to get the most out of our events!

  • Video coaching

    Bring a recent video to the event and get feedback live on the spot. Let Marcelle know the link ahead of time for greater insights.

  • Engage in advance!

    Let us know ahead of time on Facebook that you’ll be joining us. If it’s a Meetup, leave a comment there!

  • Blended Learning

    Our content contains live demonstrations and we encourage participation. Come prepared with an interesting problem to solve or a success story.

Observe. Appreciate. Attempt. Adjust.

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