About Dreamosity and Our Visual Movement

Discoverability is our thing

Dreamosity plants businesses, people and their ideas in the limelight.  We provide social media services, video crafting and training through the powerful lens of visual design so you can tell your truth, get discovered and grow.

Marcelle Allen started Dreamosity as a blog. A word-mash of "Dream + Curiosity + Generosity," the Dreamosity blog addressed gaps in our online communication culture. It took a life of its own as Marcelle discovered remarkable people with life-changing ideas flying under the radar of popularity.

In 2014, Marcelle founded Dreamosity as a business "discoverability service," elevating the prominence of businesses and bold ideas so innovators and the world benefit.

Our Visual Movement: It's everything

Dreamosity is still defining a visual movement. We translate hard-to-grasp ideas into imagery that's useful and easier for more people to understand. In the tradition of Data Artists, we sometimes create pictures that lead to decision-making clarity and help solve problems.

We collaborate with clients to represent their best ideas through engaging original visuals that share information, explain relationships and tell stories. We've been educating others on advanced visual tactics that clarify ideas and go above and beyond branding and we want everyone to have these tools at their finger tips.

Marcelle Allen of Dreamosity

Believe it or not, social media touches all areas of your business foundation. Whether you need to improve your Leadership, Marketing, Sales, Product Development, Customer Service, Financial Management, or Operations we have some recent blog posts you can check out. 

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