Organize and Optimize your Body of Work

As much or as little support as you need.

Get your best ideas and solutions in front of the right people.

Social media is a tricky place to excel. It takes time, focus and a distinct point of view.

You tell us about recent wins, fails, and your vision for your industry. We make it fun and visually interesting then share it where it stimulates the most interest. 

Dreamosity understands the digital landscape. We reach out to specific audiences—the people most likely to care about your perspective and your business.

Do you do things like contests?

We play for keeps on these and other community-rich platforms.






Visual Services

Dreamosity is at the forefront of a visual movement. We make ideas more accessible by creating visual representations.

  • Memes that capture your brand as well as your current message
  • Anatograms: Diagrams that capture complex ideas
  • Infographics: Information complied in visual formats
  • Video crafting: Setting up and shooting each video to accomplish specific goals

Timesaving, forward-looking routines

Our record-keeping creates clarity for you and your team, eliminates "reinventing the wheel syndrome'  and reveals opportunities for capturing more of the limelight.

  • Social media policy: Rules you establish to keep Dreamosity and everyone on your team on the same page
  • Key scripts: Text you approve so Dreamosity can answer frequently asked questions and comments on your social media pages
  • Optimize playlists for continued learning
  • Visual Audit: Periodic review of results from each of your social media channels
  • Wisdom Guide development: Notebook with your company’s accumulated visual assets, plans and social media tracking

Seven steps to capture the limelight

  1. Schedule a phone chat with Marcelle Allen, social media expert and Dreamosity founder. Learn about her visual approach, program and service options. Ask questions, share your dreams and goals. Schedule now. Click here.
  2. Decide on your ongoing program level.
  3. Make your first payment.
  4. Schedule your one-to-one 90-minute Discovery Deck Session with Marcelle
  5. Review and approve the plan created for your business.
  6. Leverage existing and new content through Dreamosity.
  7. Receive monthly progress reports.

See What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say

Before I met Marcelle I had no idea the value of online marketing. Through her I'm learning to see the big picture and I see amazing value in social media. I'm more comfortable with video and I'm very excited about the future of my business.

Elisa Hawkinson
Elisa Hawkinson How 2 Get Organized

Working with Marcelle was fantastic! She always had new insights and thoughts into our Marketing and came up with creative and innovative ways to help the company grow their brand. She is an enthusiastic go-getter who was also fun to work with, and I highly recommend collaborating with her

Justin Brault Mark J Kohler, LLC