Do you know the data behind your dreams?

Dreamosity offers live and online sessions on better understanding your pathway to success.

Connect logical information with artistic presentation!

Deepen your connection to Financial Joy and bring your body of work to your sphere of influence with confidence & conviction.

The Revenue Ringlet shows short time spans of various income styles, from different industries, with different products and solutions. Not all marketing jargon makes sense yet it's essential you understand the data behind your dreams. Embracing your inner data artist will empower you to make better decisions.


Just like our hair, often times we need to fuss and adjust until we get it just right.

    • Sales processes that are unique
    • Improve your confidence with color
    • Better understand those financial documents
    • Get excited about your data
    • Express yourself in multiple mediums

Schedule a 15-minute call to discuss if this is a good fit for you.

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Schedule a 15-minute call to discuss if this is a good fit for you.

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"Marcelle is exceptional, detail-minded & full of energy. She lights up the room! Give her the details on your business & share your goals & her team will bring that energy to your dreams. With a plan in place to manage and grow the "Digital YOU" With a determination for results. Call her today!"

Teresa B

"Marcelle lives in the real world. She understands finances, tactics, sales, and staying out of the red. Dreamosity deals in potential, what can be, and crafting messages in a way that resonates and elevates value across the online world. The combination of these two divergent superpowers is the bridge that Marcelle creates for her clients. Better yet, when she speaks she brings passion, intelligence, and simplicity which makes her very easy to align with for business growth."

Jeremy T

I met Marcelle several years ago and to say that she had the look of a Visionary would be an understatement. Marcelle's commitment to moving people, brands and communities as a Social Media Expert is to be recognized and admired. Marcelle just "gets" it. She get's what it takes to bring your vision to your community. Should you be fortunate enough to work with her, you'll consistently be blown away by the value she provides.

Zach C

Working with Marcelle has been a great learning experience for me, she is inspiring, knowledgeable and positive. Marcelle encouraged me and coached me to record my first video to introduce myself and the professional service I offer to my community and beyond. I have learned so much and I will continue to work with Marcelle as my business progresses. I think every business entrepreneur need the help of a professional coach like you. Thank you Marcelle.

Matilde C

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