Public Speaking

Introducing, Marcelle Allen, Inspirationalist.

Are you tired of the same-old presenters that deliver the same-old message with the same-old style? Well, if you’re not.., move on. If you are, (and you should be) then Marcelle Allen is the person you need to consider for your next conference or keynote. With confidence, charm, wit and humor; Marcelle can take your presentations to the next level - or, she can help you bring on your own “A” game if you need help developing your own message.

You can hire Marcelle Allen to:

  • Train your team to leverage Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and YouTube.
  • Present one of her many keynote speeches, or work with her to customize one for an event
  • Pick her brain - She’s available for consulting, speech coaching, and content development.

Marcelle Allen supports others in understanding the patterns of their sales systems, marketing efforts, and financial results. She motivates authors, artists and achievers to get curious and confident about their financial situation while leveraging social media to grow their business. Marcelle is a numbers nerd and her nickname is Hallmark. She helps clients with marketing, advertising and is the creative force behind her consulting agency, Dreamosity. Her new book is called “Financial Joy: Know the Data Behind Your Dreams.”

For the past 10 years Marcelle Allen has been a digital cheerleader for her clients. She's worked with small town hero’s and public figures and helped teams get their first 100 fans and their first 100,000 fans. As a social media manager she brings a creative curiosity to social networking and believes that you must stay remarkable to be successful online. She often quotes herself by saying, "You have 365 days to make an impact and you can't stand out just once."

From the "Developing Digital You" perspective, her trainings lead with the message of imagining if one could out-motivate, out-train, out-sell, and out-entertain based on one's own digital presence.

Search engines connect intellectuals around the globe daily and social media connects hearts and pocketbooks in ways her grandparents generation couldn’t imagine. She believes in the power of the well-connected person and wants to help you connect in a more meaningful and impactful way.

Marcelle is also the co-owner of LAF Tech where she trains folks to be more memorable and humorous when developing content for their online campaigns. She knows the power of humor and believes we can all lighten up a little and have more fun.

Through Developing Digital You, Marcelle has helped me define Digital Beth! I have learned how to start marketing my art business on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks Marcelle!

Beth Francois
Beth Francois Coyote Moon Arts

Working with Marcelle was fantastic! She always had new insights and thoughts into our Marketing and came up with creative and innovative ways to help the company grow their brand. She is an enthusiastic go-getter who was also fun to work with, and I highly recommend collaborating with her!

Justin Brault Mark J Kohler, LLC