Visual Audits

Is Your Content Remarkable?

Are you concerned that your brand doesn’t stand out? Does it look like everybody else’s content? There are two major mistakes that we see when business owners are trying to succeed online: No one is fully protecting their brand and their thought leadership is weak.

With a Visual Audit, you will learn how to protect your brand and help make your ideas stand-out from the crowd by elevating your industry concepts with dynamic visuals and marketing concepts. Your business and brand will have you positioned you as an expert. It’s never too late to correct your company's place in the market.

Most Audits include the following processes and results:

  • Through our intake questionnaire process, we’ll determine what is missing from your online content strategies.
  • We’ll help you determine what’s useful, and more important; what’s not. Where is time and resources being potentially wasted?
  • Is your brand visually appealing? No, we're not being mean, but we are taking the view-point of your potential clients. If they're not liking what they see, neither should you.
  • What’s your speed of "brand-consumption?" Does your company's visual efforts match the message? Is it easy to digest or confusing?
  • Is your marketing "to the point" and relatable? Or, too long and unread..
  • Is your message your own? Are you a “Paster vs Originator?”

Our results from the Visual Audit often lend themselves to our advice, motivational methods, best practices and consulting. This can be in the form of monthly check-ins, onsite consulting, and clear, actionable items you can implement to gain clarity, direction and earn results!

Marcelle is inspirational, motivational and gifted in all things social media that she challenges us with. Her heart and soul illuminate your business dreams into becoming a reality.

Tammy Wilson Smith
Tammy Wilson Smith Illuminating Women LLC

Marcelle is a beacon of light that brings focus to scattered business owners. She is a genuine person full of life and drive and truly wants to support and see other succeed!
Thank you Marcelle

Krista Marrie Larrison
Krista Marrie Larrison Kita Events Northwest