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Marcelle Allen

Welcome to my digital world

Here's a little more about me.

For the past 10 years Marcelle Allen has been a digital cheerleader for her clients. She's worked with small town hero’s and public figures and helped teams get their first 100 fans and their first 100,000 fans. As a social media manager she brings a creative curiosity to social networking and believes that you must stay remarkable to be successful online. You have 365 days to make an impact and you can't stand out just once. 

Imagine if you could out-motivate, out-train, out-sell, and out-entertain based on your digital presence. Her presentation will equip you to develop your own best "Digital You."

Search engines connect intellectuals around the globe daily and social media connects hearts and pocketbooks in ways her grandparents generation couldn’t imagine. She believes in the power of the well-connected person and wants to help you connect in a more meaningful and impactful way.

Remarkable people

The early years of Dreamosity was simply a blog. It was a creative expression and a chance to write about my ideas, travels, and cool finds. After working with Your Social Media Concierge and D4Y Brand Builder back in 2011-2013, I had the privilege of collaborating with some remarkable partners. My lessons and experience in those two years developed a hunger to revisit my original vision for Dreamosity. By serving so many dreamers & remarkable leaders that I've collected concepts, learned lessons, and began to dream again.

I often speak of Les Brown as if I'm still supporting him simply because I was so inspired by my time around him. It was his project that helped me embrace advertising for the first time and I often tell people I used to hate the advertising industry until I realized it was required when someone's dreams are so big.

3 Years at The Remarkable Room in 1 video