Marcelle Allen, Author of Financial Joy, Digital Marketer, + Laughter Coach

Marcelle Allen supports others in understanding the patterns of their sales systems, marketing efforts, and financial results. She motivates authors, artists and achievers to get curious and confident about their financial situation while leveraging social media to grow their business. Marcelle is a numbers nerd and her nickname is Hallmark. She helps clients with marketing, advertising and is the creative force behind her consulting agency, Dreamosity. Her new book is called “Financial Joy: Know the Data Behind Your Dreams.”

Marcelle is also the co-owner of LAF Tech where she trains folks to be more memorable and humorous when developing content for their online campaigns. She knows the power of humor and believes we can all lighten up a little and have more fun.

Interview questions and answers

Have you always been a numbers nerd?

No. I'm actually an artist at my core. My father told me to run a successful business I'd need be be great with numbers, and I wasn't, so I hired an NLP practitioner to help me love the data.


What is your vision for Financial Joy?

For women and families to have clarity and confidence around their financial situation. Not all brains think alike and this book really serves someone who is emotional and spiritual in nature.


What does it mean to doodle the data?

When you can make a picture out of logical information, the brain seems to grasp it better. I want folks to doodle their data so they can understand and appreciate it.
What is the cash creator?

It's a circular look at a thirty day cycle and is measuring 4 basic sales activities.

What is the Cash Flow Circle?

It's the same circular model but it's measuring what has already happens. It's an anatogram of a Profit and Loss statement in a very visual and beautiful image.

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Story ideas for the media

How doodling the data helps different learning styles understand finances.

How Mother and Daughter conversations can serve the whole family unit.

Appreciation plays a role in raw data.

A new way to look at your tax refund!

Target Market

Women in business

Artists & Achievers who may not love spreadsheets

Anyone highly invested in the bullet journal community

Sales people who are tired of vanilla sales motivation