Know The Data

Behind Your Dreams

Financial Joy is a process in discovering the
the patterns in your sales cycle and to
appreciate the income and expenses...

It works for my woman brain! Understanding my numbers has become a joy and a relief.

Elisa Hawkinson Elisa Hawkinson
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the circle work?

Spreadsheets and checklists don't always alert us as to how much time has passed. The wreath like circle is designed to show the amount of time between key activities.

Do I have to Bullet Journal for it to work?

No! While bullet journaling helps, it's not required. It's important that you enjoy doodling, drawing or sketching to some level. It's a creative perspective to make looking at the data enjoyable.

How did you come up with this concept?

It's the combination of having remarkable clients, a flower farmer sister, and my own curiosity to better understand financial concepts and the data behind our dreams.

Are you a financial advisor or bookkeeper?

No. I'm a digital marketer with an eye for solving problems. I believe in useful visuals and spreadsheets didn't always do the trick. I've consulted with several accountants and wealthy people to hone in these concepts.

How did you come up with the ostrich metaphor?

The ostrich came from a long winded rant at a LAF tech workshop while ranting about a client who didn't respect the data. She's come a long way but I know several people still think like she used to think.

A Visual Example

Grow your understanding of your financial patterns so your business can flourish!