[Video] A look back at our time in The Remarkable Room

The Remarkable Room has been a dream come true for me these past three years. I was looking for a place to pick up the pieces and give back. I needed to re-establish a solid foundation after losing my husband back in 2014. While I’ve kept my grief fairly private, this space was very healing for me. I needed to laugh and listen to the stories of others who have rebuilt. I wanted to better define ‘visual leadership’ which is a step beyond thought leadership and I still have work to do.

Hundreds of people have come through these doors, once they found them. Some of the conversations at The Remarkable Room were flat out AMAZING. I’m so inspired by the types of business leaders I’ve met. I’ve also learned a lot about what is truly required to run a profitable business and how much a creative and collaborative place is a part of that.

The truth is we get stuck. As humans, we have limits, fears, and bad habits. Surround yourself with talented, capable, and creative people and your business dreams can come true. Success in business is never guaranteed but when we can stay curious and lean on our connections, greatness is possible.

Celebrate our favorite memories here at 10009 Main Street in Bothell.

Events & Adventures at The Remarkable Room

Watch & see how many faces you recognize.

Enjoy this 7-minute video collage as a digital memory and notice how many people you recognize. This space was pivotal for me and perfect for what I was yearning for. Now it’s on to the next chapter. Dreamosity will officially be located at InSpark Coworking as of July 15th.

With all my private training, developing digital you workshops, LAF Tech minis, and various other meetups. This space has been thoroughly enjoyed! It’s ready for a makeover and will be getting renovated by the building owners.

I’m so grateful for each and every one of you who’ve come through these doors. I invite you to follow our journey at InSpark Coworking or for future LAF Tech events.

Humor Heals!

I’m super grateful to Brian Trendler for listening to my wild ideas and helping me bring them to the world in a powerful and colorful way. I couldn’t have achieved what I did without his graphic design skills, constant nudging to follow up with people, and a playful spirit to handle the roughest days. Thank you for helping me learn to laugh at myself, develop my own mix of humor, and for teaching me ALL about Star Wars.

Cheers to the next chapter!

Each and every one of you who entered these doors is so special in some way or another. Whether we worked closely or for just for a while, I appreciate you.  Please remember, you can’t be remarkable just once, you must stay remarkable. If you ever get stuck or find yourself isolated from a community, please reach out. It’s an exciting time to be alive!

How many faces did you recognize in the video? Leave your response below!

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