[Video] 21 Visuals Every Brand should have for Social Media Success

Recently I shared 21 visuals to support your marketing strategy online with Marketplace Connections.

21 Visuals Every Brand could have for Social Media Success

How many of the 21 do you currently have?

Thought Leadership vs Visual Leadership

Thought leadership isn’t enough anymore, visual leadership is required for businesses who want to help more people and succeed online.

The ability to create remarkable content has skyrocketed over the last few years. Creative resources are at our fingertips and businesses are struggling to keep up!
Social media managers find themselves in a unique place of needing to develop content monthly, weekly, if not daily and creating really useful images and content can be challenging. Often times business owners don’t have the creative capacity to develop and syndicate their own material in a way that is socially consumable.
Brand damage is a huge risk and not being found in search engines or on social networks can slow down a business’ lead flow and profit potential.
This presentation will outline Marcelle’s 21 visuals for brands to leverage for social media success.

For the past 8 years, Marcelle has supported remarkable leaders and has served as a ‘digital cheerleader,’ aka a social media manager. She has worked with small town hero’s, public figures and even celebrities.

Marcelle believes in the power of the well-connected person and knows search engines connect intellectuals around the globe daily and social media connects hearts and pocketbooks in ways her grandparents’ generation couldn’t imagine.

In 2015 she developed the Discovery Deck which is a deck of cards designed to help people get comfortable with all the moving pieces of a successful online marketing campaign. She hosts Developing Digital You training workshops at The Remarkable Room in downtown Bothell and loves watching her clients’ eyes light up with how easy it can be.

Her favorite networks are YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook and she knows it’s not enough to be a ‘thought leader’ but a visual leader in today’s social economy.
In her teenage years, she hated the advertising industry but when one client’s dreams were bigger than her skill set she enjoyed learning and embraced the potential. It’s no longer a fear but a way to accelerate a polished message and help more people.

Marcelle’s personal dream is that the financial and legal industry would go through a creative transformation and that their useful knowledge would be more easy for everyday folks to understand and consume with speed and efficiency. Justice and financial intelligence could be made easy with better visuals and stronger social media skills.

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