What will you create?

"I can't draw" is a phrase we've heard dozens of times.

"I'm not communicating well with my graphic designer."

"I can't get what's in my head into the other persons head!"

We are hosting this special Drawtober in order to help showcase some remarkable creative teachers and to challenge our most thoughtful clients and friends to push beyond snapping a photo for their social media.

We live in a verbally focused world but we often think or decide in a visual world. We will help to help bridge the gap. 

Content Consumption and Content Creation is where it Starts 

Give yourself a score on the bottom two boxes before you begin 

If you've been to any of my workshops, you know I love to show and tell vs tell. You've probably also heard me rant about the financial and legal industries and the lack of useful visuals they often have. I don't think the actual attorneys will make the content, I think it's going to come from the pissed off mommy blogger, motivated youngster, or virtual assistant. Change happens all the time, the content we consume and create can play a major role. 

I see a major disconnect with a lot of content people post online. I believe the better we are at creating and consuming content, the more thoughtful and useful we can become. Visual Leadership is beyond thought leadership. It's when the visual leads you decide, act, or improve without needing the 'guru' to be present. 

Drawtober Prompts

Don't worry about all that for now. Just get creative! You are invited to participate in our first ever Dreamosity's Drawtober. 

This is the HUB PAGE where we'll update common FAQs and share some cool incentives. Every post can be abstract or extremely analytical with marketing, sales, or other data! We want you to learn, have fun.... and not just draw to draw, but draw to discover.


Sharing a little more with some business friends, listen in!

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