Theme Park Life as a Business Owner

Do you ever feel like business life is fun, or that life is a wild ride? I sure do! Today I want to touch on a few ways our lives and businesses can be very much like a theme park.

The Wild Ride

Sometimes the income disappears right out from under you, like tracks on a roller coaster disappearing as you seem to free fall into the deep and suddenly you’re in an underground cavern with ghouls and goblins. Spooky to say the least. Then there is the slow climb back into clear air. Or maybe another sudden jettison, but back up this time. Momentum keeping us going. I want you to take a moment to think about where your momentum comes from. Is it the pressure of bills that need paying? The fear of winding up homeless? Or just the happenstance of making the right connections at the right time? Many of us experience the extreme highs and lows of a wild roller coaster from time to time. At other times it can be the old comfort of the children’s ride where there are only small bumps and bends.

To Ride or Not To Ride?

In another side of the park, there is a carousel of friendships, relationships, or a customer base. Some just stand there watching, waiting for you to fail or most likely enjoying the joy on the faces of those who are riding, cheering them on. Do you have a long line waiting for your attention? Are people impatient to ride again or just waiting for the chance to get off? Does your carousel delight those who ride it? Is it surrounded by joy and a crowd scrambling to be next in line? Business should be fun!

Play Big, Win Big

Somewhere close by perhaps, there is a stand with stuffed prizes to be won. Which one has caught your eye? My son won a giant stuffed bulldog that was nearly as big as he was at the Washington State fair a few years ago! His goal at that fair was to win something BIG and he achieved that dream! That accomplishment still sits in his room. She has stuck with him much longer than the candied apple, the delicious foods, or even the laughter. What is something that when you have achieved it, will stick around?

Enjoy It! Business fun!

Theme parks and fairs are a delight to children and adults alike. Patterns and colors blaze to life around you! Lifelong memories are forged. The free fall is more exhilarating because you know that you will go up again. I challenge you to view life and business through this lens with me. The ups and down nothing more than adrenaline to fuel the fun, laughter, and even profits.

Drawtober Prompts & Explanations

Talent Mandala – What do you truly enjoy doing?

If your talents had an icon, could you doodle them over and over again inside of a larger concept that represents your talents? Appreciate what you have, and maybe those around you!?

Customer Carousel – Who is on the carousel? How will you get it moving again?

How many customers can you help in a day, a month, or a year? Consider measuring the dollar amount per client per month. For example, Marcelle’s average can range anywhere from $150/month to $800/month depending on what she’s promoting.

If your goal is for business to be fun, and to serve your clients, it’s okay to make new realizations along the way and to keep your customers delighted as they continue to have new needs and bigger aspirations.

Revenue Rollercoaster – The ups and downs of income

Look at your last 12 months of revenue. Make a rollercoaster doodle of the ride! You do not need to draw months in order, you can make it scale or slump as fast or slow as you want. The idea is to look at the highs and lows with refection and interest. We’re making business fun!

Colorful Creature – Do you know your best colors? How about your energy type?

The fashion world is full of experts and consultants that will help you feel your best as you dive into personal branding. We recommend that you check out Carol Tuttle of Dressing Your Truth for inspiration.

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