Notice Patterns with the Cash Creator

Shift your behavior to notice patterns and potential profits. When you become a financial joy designer, you can make remarkable learnings and improve.

A financial joy designer is not a paid job and I’m not hiring at Dreamosity for this. I’m wanting you to go beyond ‘budgeter’ or ‘salesperson’ and step into the world of data art. While it’s a new concept, these are a few of the other ways you might describe yourself.

When I wrote Financial Joy it stemmed from a coloring book experience where I was listening to my sales coach. I was physically doing something different and the combination of physical activity and listening to someone I trust provided me with unique insight.  

When I doodle the data now, I don’t always have music on or wise words ringing in my ear. Sometimes I have my own chatter of confusion or concern rambling between my ears. These are very different behaviors. Stressing, complaining, and being annoyed with myself really doesn’t lead me to feel joyful things. 
Making connections through the coloring and productive pondering did bring new insight and a pleasing perspective. I’m noticing the desired behavior is ‘doodling with appreciation.’

Behavior modification is a term I first heard from a Pastor on a team building call. He was talking about how we’ve got to encourage behavior modification and not just intellectual understanding. I encourage you to develop a skill in noticing patterns.

My brain went to work with his encouragement and I listed out a few of the various behaviors that may get modified if you decide to lean into designing Financial Joy in your life. 

1. Doodle the Data.

This is a 15 minute practice at the end of the month to doodle 4 key behaviors. I often open up my calendar, my quickbooks and paypal, and sent emails/messenger to do a high level doodle around my Cash Creator framework that was first introduced on page 31 of Financial Joy. 

A. Notice how many conversations you have on each day.

Some days I’ll literally talk to one other person, and other days I talk to 10-25. Some conversations are short and sweet, some are intentional and scripted. I usually doodle this as a small berry.

B. Notice how many conversations lead to appointments.

My sales coach defines an appointment as an opportunity to ask someone for a sale. It’s a type of conversation where you’re pitching your solution, or finding out if your solution might fit their budget. I often doodle this as a small petal.

C. Track how many proposals you send.

In my line of work, other than book sales and event tickets, I tend to send proposals to potential new clients. I may bid $250 or $10,000 or a customized amount of their monthly budget for 12 months of support. Depending on my daily schedule, this may happen the same day as that sales appointment conversation, or it may happen a few days later. This 2-4 day gap can be really important and easily seen on the cash creator. I doodle this as a little branch or stick in a different color.

D. Track the money that comes in.

Some people pay immediately, some pay takes 2-3 weeks late based on when they want to get started, if they’ve got a business loan pending, or maybe they just need their new debit card to come in the mail. I’ve heard a variety of reasons and I don’t mind. Money is money and that time for it to hit your account can often be weeks after you think you’ve closed the sale. This doodle is a pretty flower petal.

Four colors and four icons that represent my activity in that month. Feel free to play with different coloring options or icons.

Notice Patterns!

Please don’t think I’m over here running a business with 4 colors and some craft paper. I have systems that back up this behavior of noticing and appreciating. I do use software and a linear tracker to track appointments. I also know that those don’t support my personal craving for understanding and a visual reminder of my efforts and wins.

When I get my Profit and Loss report from my bookkeeper, some months I feel shocked and overwhelmed but when I look back at my own activity and effort, I can clearly see the connection. I can then choose to speed up or slow down, I can choose to align instead of grind. Notice patterns and you may impress yourself!

Noticing time as it relates to income is a new behavior you may choose to embrace. 
Below is a printable version of the Cash Creator. I had notecards made so I always have this framework handy. If you swing by InSpark Coworking sometime I can give you one.

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