Zen with Zentangles

Photo by kim mastromartino on Unsplash

Enjoy some music while you read or draw!

Did you ever scrawl random lines across a page and then doodle inside them with other shapes, patterns, or colors? Congratulations, you’ve drawn a zentangle! This use to be a favorite pastime of mine in elementary school. These days there are entire “how-tos” for zentangles showcasing gorgeous art created from zentangles. To me, that can feel intimidating and overwhelming, exactly the opposite of how I want to feel while doodling.

I’m here to encourage you to pretend you a little again for just a little while. Draw something basic and simple with large blank gaps… and don’t worry about perfect. Then pick a pattern, anything repetitive will do. Bubbles are a personal favorite of mine. Allow your mind to drift while you draw.

I like to think about how my day has gone, focus on gratitude, or consider deep things like what I most enjoy doing while keeping my hands busy. The shapes you draw could even each represent how you are feeling or what you are processing. What is “bubbling up” inside of you? What is growing? What has vast ups and downs or loopty loops? Which are your favorite patterns and what do they remind you of? Enjoy the process and get a little zen with zentangles.

This post kicks off our 31 days of Drawtober! We will have many creative events and you can join the conversation in the Facebook event Dreamosity’s Drawtober.


Marcelle scored an interview with the remarkable Angie Louthan on how Zentangles and Mandalas have been a part of coming home to her inner artist. Intuitive art definitely plays a role in healing. Listen in!

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