The role of Advertising in Financial Joy

Someone recently asked what the role of advertising was in Financial Joy and this is my response.

The flow of money in our life comes and goes. There is often ease and occasional imbalance in our lives. Advertising is one of those wildly powerful but perhaps under utilized tactics. It’s when you pay for visibility of your content to new audiences. A sales conversation takes time, not necessarily money. Paid advertising, obviously takes money. 

What is the role between financial joy and advertising? 

Conversations is a big thing, the first, thing we track with the Cash Creator in Financial Joy. A lot of people aren’t always intentional with those conversations but we acknowledge them on the diagram anyways. What is also important is the conversation going on in someone’s mind. A well placed advertisement can enter their internal dialogue and lead that conversation further down a pathway before we speak on the phone, or decide to purchase online without a IRL connection. A great sales funnel can work well without that 1-1 conversation ever happening.

When we allocate money for advancing our message with advertising, we speed up the amount of people attempt to shift their awareness on. If targeting is right, many people will now be having the same conversation in their head. “I need this,” “this might solve that, I’ll drop $47 to find out!” “I can’t wait to see how they explain it, if I buy now I’ll have access to their research,” “if I wear this, I might feel sexier” etc. Notice the internal dialogue you are having the next time you swipe. 

Conversations and Advertising

Not all purchases are because of a 1/1 sales conversation. In my experience, most of what I purchase at a store is because of advertising dollars spent months ago for brand recognition. In the world of specialty services where a custom proposal is necessary, that conversation is pivotal.

Copywriting is our discovery deck concept that can improve how well we enter their healthy, or unhealthy dialogue.

When combining copywriting with imagery AND the customers belief in what the words imply, decisions get made, or postponed.

Copywriting can have many touch points in a sales process. Some phrases can stimulate action, desire, curiosity, or nothing at all.

When sales are low, I encourage clients to look at what they are saying. The skill of copywriting is ongoing battle & necessity. On the social audience matrix, advertising is shown by moving left to right. When a product or service is already proven, advertising may be a great next step.

So whether you are educating, entertaining, or just trying to grow as a person in business, allocating money for an advertising campaign would shift the amount of people you can serve.

Tip: Budget for advertising

What is your current advertising budget?

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The Cash Creator diagram is seen in this photo by the little circles which represent 30 days of activity. Combining a great sales process with paid advertising is a strategy I help my clients with. It may take a few months to dial in the details and the direction but once folks are ready great things can happen. The green line is represents when someone with decent branding and a nice web presence can’t figure out their “ask” or their close and eventually they’re out of business because they lacked the ability to get customers to decide and pay. The blue line is a combination of a great process and advertising, moving much faster across the matrix where the purple circles represent more of a traditional sales process as they learn and win each month moving forward and upward on the matrix. Which direction do you want to go?

Photo of lady writing by Christin Hume on Unsplash.

Photo of Marcelle doodling by Vetala Hawkins.

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