T3 - Thankful, Thoughtful, Thought Leader

Consider your thoughts as it relates to your body of work

Thought leadership begins with thoughtfulness and a thankful heart. 

Consider your vision vs your authority in the marketplace 

In October of 2021 we ran a campaign called Drawtober to get folks building their content creation muscles. Below are several of the thoughtful content creators we celebrated. The campaign showcased everyone on our Dreamosity Instagram page so if you'd like to connect with any of these remarkables, enjoy a scroll here


If you've been to any of my workshops, you know I love to show and tell with my social audience matrix. Perceived expertise is an interesting phenomenon online and country singer Brad Paisley brings it to light with the lyric "I'm so much cooler online." In business and marketing, the best product doesn't always win, but the best marketed product. This is an opportunity for all of us. 

I often tell others that my idea client is a 'remarkable leader' and that this persons vision is bigger than their skillset. They're leading a community or will need to start one soon. They teach, train, host workshops, retreats, and write books and curriculum. They often have a vision for things to change and will commit to making that happen. Leadership alone doesn't build a business, they need something to sell, something their audience craves or requires. 

Thought leaders don't just write...

There are many ways to demonstrate and showcase you knowledge and wisdom. I believe that thought leaders must do more than write and speak. What do you believe? 

Printed materials, website content, memes, cover photos, videos, news articles, anatograms, infographics, advertisements and a video course are all options we can leverage.

  • Body of Work
    Body of Work

    This is one of the worksheets we take clients to better understand their body of work.

  • Social Media Focus
    Social Media Focus

    Lets discuss your level of confidence with social media, and more specifically how you can best bring your vision to life.

  • Audience Development
    Audience Development

    How confident are you with your audience? Use this worksheet to dive a little deeper than age and location.

Want help getting organized with your body of work? Airtable is my #1 recommended tool to keep you in line!

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