Are you a remarkable resource on insta?

If you are a remarkable resource, I want to feature you in our new Instagram directory.

With only 2 publications under my belt and a huge vision for what’s next I’m thrilled to invite you to participate.

In March’s issue I’m featuring a brand that was pivotal in my healing journey this last year. 

It was because of her Instagram account that I knew she could solve a problem that the first 30 people I chatted with couldn’t. 

I’m launching a “Remarkable Resources” Directory in March. 

Listings are $50 to be included for 12 issues.

Two lines of text; your username and a curiosity question. 

The question is what my sales coach calls a “probing question” and the intention is to better inquire about your services. 

If the reader answers “yes!” They’ll likely open up your account via search and come gobble up your recent reels and digital content. If the answer is “no” they will likely keep skimming.

I’m asking for your support.

1. It’s a great deal.

2. More people need to know you exist.

3. Public accounts only. 

4. $4.16 a month is a sweet deal

5. You must have cool resources, stories, encouragement, interviews or services.

6. Can provide 1 brief question that would pique interest to a neighbor two cities away.

7. Your account would benefit digitally savvy professionals.

8. Live or work in Snohomish County and the Puget Sound area.

Payment must be received by March 1 for the March 5 publication. 

You can book a 15 minute call to brainstorm your curiosity question and strategize.

Thank you for believing in our vision for valuable visuals. Let me know if you want me to send an invoice or just Venmo @dreamosity Thank you! 

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