Alaska with my PNAnw Family

It was late summer after an intense surgery and I was ready for a change of scenery. This event was on my calendar for months an the anticipation was huge.

If you click on this collage it will take you to a cute reel I made of the scene.

This was the view from a nice long hike, and a gondola ride looking out over the beautiful Alaskan air! Do you have something special you could plan on a train ride?

This train ride from the sea up several miles was quite a gift. Check out this view on a REEL I made. I also loved this broken bridge where settlers changed direction. Life doesn’t have to make sense to appreciate it!

I’m so grateful our PNA community traveled on the Ovation of the Seas and I was able to see Alaska which is so close to home here in Seattle.

If you want to plan a special team building experience, please reach out.

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