Lights, camera, IULS!

Are you a data diva? Recently I had the honor of traveling to Las Vegas with a dear client and long time facebook friend of over 5 years. Meeting in real life definitely has a wonderful way of connecting causes.

Here is my video highlights of that weekend! Please watch and be inspired.

Building a team!

Matilde Calderon is a remarkable data diva who’s working to build an online community called “Team Trailblazers” and it’s not open to the public. It’s her team of life insurance agents she is training to promote the Living Benefit Crusade. These programs offer remarkable protection to those who fear not having enough protection, or enough income if something unfortunate happens physically. The “Sick spouse” card in Financial Joy for Wealth Builders really can be a burden, but not when you are prepared. She says “this isn’t the life insurance you need to die to receive!” Anyone looking to build wealth can evaluate if this is right for them.

Matilde was almost my Data Diva featured during Drawtober! She is so talented!

Remarkable vision!

What I love about Matilde is she said she wants to be ‘the Suzy Orman of the financial world’ for the hispanic community. Whether or not you agree with S. O., this is a powerful vision and she’s going to be building a strong team to help her get there. I’ve been supporting her as her social media manager for several months and I love how willing she is to try new things and leverage a Facebook group and ads when at first it seemed like a foreign language to her. Listen to her story via this video we created virtually during the pandemic. Pretty good for someone who resisted the camera for years! It’s a beautiful story.

Matilde and I have become quite close and she’s a fan of Financial Joy which make me even happier. I believe women should know how to generate $5,000 in any given month if they had to, and I believe Matilde has a powerful vehicle for those who want to enter a new industry. Would you like me to connect you two!?

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