Allocate, you must.

The dark side of budgeting is lack of clarity, undefined priorities, being caught unprepared, and making choices that don’t provide results. I’m writing a children’s book called The Allocation Station but until it’s ready, I thought this would be a fun take at budgeting.

Budgeting is about allocating and prioritizing.

I remember a recent project I was on and they clearly had 1990s thinking around what to budget for. Limited experience provides limited options. 

I didn’t speak clearly and loudly enough to prevent the direction of these poorly allocated funds. I was quiet. I didn’t want to shake the boat. 

It’s a battle I would have approached differently looking back.

In my reflection, the team was caught off guard and didn’t even consider some of the options. Their tool belt was limited because their experience was limited.

Budgeting for video, infographics, and advertising can be seen as unknown territory. I get it. The learning curve is present but not impossible. 

There is a consequence to poor budgeting.

When our leaders of our communities make poor decisions those decisions affect someone in that sphere of influence. It may not be obvious but there are always clues. Jim Rohn said “success leaves clues,” well, so does failure. 

Does your audience enjoy being confused, overwhelmed, or ignored? I doubt it!

Will your audience enjoy clarity, ease of decision making, and feeling heard? 

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