Love languages

Who could you appreciate better? The 5 Love Languages explained.

There are 5 main love languages discussed in Gary Chapmans book “The 5 Love Languages.” 

  1. Gifts
  2. Quality time
  3. Touch
  4. Words of affirmation
  5. Acts of service

We all give and receive love differently.

What may be seen as a generous effort to us may not resonate with someone else.

Something offensive to us may be desired and craved by someone else.

So how do we love the best way?

If one way doesn’t work, try another.

You’ll be amazed at the answers you’ll hear if you ask your loved ones how they prefer to receive love.


Flowers, chocolates, new clothes, a box of awesome!

Some people enjoy being given gifts. Is that you? What was the last gift you gave?

Quality time

Watching a movie, strolling the park, vacation adventures, spending time just being talking and listening, and more!

Some folks NEED to spend time with you to feel your love! Is that you? What type of quality time do you usually give?


Hug me, hold my hands, play with my hair, don’t forget to tickle everywhere!

Some people must physically feel you to fully know you love them. Is that you? Are you a major hugger?

People who crave this type of affection won’t likely do well in a long distance relationship.

Love languages typedWords of affirmation

Sweet notes, long voicemails, thoughtfully written greeting cards, long bouts of encouragement and oodly sweet love talk.

Some folks want to hear/see that you care for them through your words and vocal praise. Is that you? What type of awesome love-filled things do you say to people you care about?

Acts of service

Wash my car, take out the trash, ease my load, and help me out without me having to ask!

Some people want you to just make their lives easier and chores to magically go away. Is that you? What do you just WISH you didn’t have to do yourself?


But they all sound good!?

People can identify with ALL of these and they can ALL be true. The way to fully identify which your strong one might be is imagine it disappearing.

Could you survive long distance with lots of talk but little touch?

Could you tell someone you adore them but never gift a gift?

Would you feel unappreciated if you never just ‘hung out’ and did stuff together?



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