Wisdom Guide Wednesdays

What is the wisdom of your brand recently? What major insights did you have or minor ones? For the past 2 years, I’ve been developing Wisdom Guides for clients and I’m eager to inspire others to do the same for their brand.


It’s a real shame when I talk with a new client and they have NO IDEA what’s been working with their brand. No clear “Best Headlines” or “Most Compelling Scripts” or even a list of all the best ways to overcome objections in Social Media land.


The goal of the wisdom guide is to capture and share key gems about a brand. If whoever is supporting your social media efforts takes a trip to Paris for a year, or gets hired back into the corporate world, or even falls ill or dies; You must continue on with confidence. You could literally hand over this booklet of information to a family member, marketing intern, or a new social media manager.

Potential elements of your Wisdom Guide!


  • Top hashtags
  • Color palette
  • VIP clients (Along with their Twitter and Instagram handle)
  • Major events you support
  • Key contractual agreements/guarantees
  • Goals for the year, quarter, or month
  • Visual styles (soft and sweet, bold and bright, lace and luxury?)
  • Industry jargon
  • Top selling products
  • The spelling of industry jargon (I got fired from spelling Alzheimer’s wrong once)
  • Industry conferences
  • Things to avoid talking about (Politics, Religion, Sports?) Every brand has boundaries.

Bloggers invest years in developing a brand, a voice, a compelling campaign and vision for your community. Protect the wisdom of your brand. 

The nature of social media is pretty fast! Brands come and go, networks get replaced within 2-10 years. There is always a new thought leader rising up with a new vision or message.


This wisdom guide can be a binder, yet I recommend a booklet with translucent inserts. It’s still attractive enough to bring to a meeting or conference, and sheets can be added and removed quickly while still being protected.  

What key information would you want your teams’ fingertips while at a big industry conference?

It’s important for teams to discuss the insight they’re getting from their vantage point in the company. Someone at the front desk has a much different take on the business than whoever is selling and networking for the brand. When people shared their needs, insights, and social lessons; wisdom is passed.

My encouragement is that you consider starting a Wisdom Guide. It is not the same as a marketing plan or a business plan, it’s high-level insights that empowers anyone to better represent you and your company online.

In July, my office relocated from Bothell to Lynnwood. I’m now at InSpark and I’m absolutely loving the creative & collaborative vibe. I’ve decided to turn my Developing Digital You Meetup into a Wisdom Guide Wednesday event. Each week the class will still focus on one of my four networks I manage and train on, but others will be encouraged to share their wisdom & insights in a visually compelling way. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube are the four networks I’ve gathered the most wisdom on but I could be convinced to bring in a trainer on LinkedIn or Twitter. Who do you know!?

Recently I hosted an Instagram workshop and Pinterest and we had ladies join us from Mount Vernon, Bothell, Lynnwood, and Issaquah. It’s so valuable when we can connect, learn, and share our wisdom. Our next workshops will be announced on the Dreamosity Facebook page and our Developing Digital You meetup. Stay tuned.

One of the things we talked about was “Going Tall” on Pinterest. This is one way to reshare the same message visually (Canva + Content + Screenshot).

So, when you are considering developing a Wisdom Guide for your brand, keep this list of things in mind.

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