[Video] Develop a Pinterest Strategy

First off, I LOVE Pinterest for dozens of reasons. While you may still be discovering all it has to offer, know it’s amazing.

Since I actually manage multiple accounts and have been studying success with the platform since it came out, I hope you learn from me.

Every Pinterest user leverages the network for different reasons and that’s the beauty of it. If you’re new to the network, consider these 10 ideas as you develop your own Pinterest strategy.

Develop Your Pinterest Strategy

  • Go Tall!
  • Do something usefulDevelop a Pinterest Strategy
  • Develop a contest
  • Watch your customers - Listen
  • Become a visual leader (Teach with visuals)
  • Develop a wisdom guide (Color pallet, branding guide, + your epic experiences)
  • Hire professional photographers or learn to photograph
  • Embrace Pinterest search
  • Make a difference
  • Educate with less text

Here is Marcelle explaining in-depth this list of considerations for developing a Pinterest strategy.

A few elements of the Discovery Deck!

Going tall isn’t always easy! I’m experimenting with new ways to create tall content. Stay tuned for more strategies. visual_leadership-video_design-pinterest_strategy-contest-1BJEU4S


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As a result of being connected on Pinterest, we’ll both be able to advance our creative strategies. Most of all, experiment, go tall, do good, and learn as you go.

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