[Video] Interview with Beth Wray on Natural Solutions, Facebook, and grief & healing.

Natural solutions aren’t always talked about in the home but perhaps they should be.

Beth and I connected because of a common thread around grief, healing, and health.

Meet the sweet and focused Beth Wray!

Natural solutions are everwhere!

The rise of essentials oils has been pretty clear in my own network. I see men and women using them for all sorts of things and it’s fascinating. There are natural options for many ailments.

From Grief to Good

I’ve connected with more stunning people in the last two years when we share about our grievances than just our successes. It’s encouraging to me to have met so many women like Beth who keep moving forward with grace and purpose. The path isn’t easy when your heart is hurting but putting yourself in front of others will allow you to process the pain and discover a purpose.

Knowing the body systems

Beth said that when you know the body systems and you know oils work best with which system. It’s all about matching the right oil with the right symptoms.

Matching Products to Problems

In my pursuit of defining visual leadership, I’ve been listening closely for phrases like this. They seem common in this example but does your industry have a clear path (book) to match products to problems?


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