How to embrace funny and Humor Heals

Humor Heals is a community created to connect, develop, and promote the need for more funny in our life. Cats and Comedy clubs are not enough! 

First off, I know I’m not the only one craving comedy. As a result of life, this club was formed.

So anyone else who has survived a tragic, sad, or painful experience knows that at some point the desire to MOVE ON comes. The transition requires new outlets for people to process and overcome the pain. We don’t have to stay stuck, bored, or blue.

Another thing about comedy is it’s best within a community.  Struggling is not fun alone. It’s never really fun. I hadn’t laughed for 2 months and then I went to a Toastmasters conference called CHI Talks – Comedy, Humor, and Improv. It was the 1st time I had laughed in 2 months. I was extremely grateful for comedy for the 1st time. Comedy is valuable.

Funny for the win!

Intellect to relaxed. Are you’re like me and you’ve always been pretty serious and you’ve set a goal to learn funny?

How to embrace your funnyPerhaps you slid out of the womb telling jokes. Do  you love to make people smile?

So, whatever your story is we hope you feel at home in this thriving Facebook group. We encourage you to joke, learn, play, laugh, study, and enjoy the journey you are on.

Since you seem to be curious about comedy as well, you’re in the right place.

Develop your inner funny!

Due to increasing demand for humor and the need to unplug. You should help us connect others to comedy.

If you have an event or product involving “FUNNY” please share! I want to spread the word of ways to laugh. Because I know I can’t do it alone, I need your help. We need your humor.

Humor Heals

In addition to what I was observing, my friend Anna makes a great point about humor actually does help.

How does humor heal?

How humor heals? Because of the way our neurochemistry works. When we laugh, smile, enjoy happy memories and loving moments our brain is filled with endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin, and other good chemicals – our natural high. They have immense positive effect on our health. Every time we are stressed, our brain produces stress chemicals. They are designed to help us run away from a lion and give us a short boost of energy and power. Or they paralyze us so we don’t move don’t make sounds and don’t attract attention. They were never meant to circulate in the body for hours and days and months. The more we learn how to relax and feel good for no reason at all and shrink al the bad stuff while expanding good stuff, the more we help our bodies to heal and our minds blossom. – Anna Margolina, Ph.D.

As a result of all that smart stuff, you are invited!

Therefore, join the fun and develop your inner funny.  Follow the link here to our Humor Heals Facebook Group. 

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