The power of Social Imagery

First of all, one of my biggest passions is photography and I LOVE to look at pictures that area easy on the eyes and actually help me. Some have called it ‘attraction marketing’ but I call it social imagery.

Useful images make your campaigns more compelling. It’s not rocket science to simply showcase your life through photos. Sharing social imagery is a strategy.

I still remember the day when I told a client, “You don’t have to post just blog posts, you can post photos as a part of your strategy.”

This TedxSMU talk showcases the power of Imagery

Images are the way we understand the world. – Belinda Baldwin


Capturing photos that reflect your business should be leveraged in many ways. Don’t you like to know the vibe of a brand before you purchase online?

Consider using social imagery in these places:

  • Facebook Cover photos
  • Websites
  • Blog posts
  • Thank You Cards
  • Wall of FameInstagram June 2016 DDY
  • Presentations
  • Videos
  • Sales letters
  • Meetups
  • Facebook events
  • Email
  • Ebook
  • Courses
  • Infographics

Having consistent photos that are useful, insightful, and impactful positions you as a visual leader. Learn more about visual leadership here. 

What have I missed? Leave me a comment below sharing a bit about your strategy.

Mobile apps to improve social imagery.

Social imagery apps

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