Design and Develop your 2017

The New Year is almost upon us! Have you completed your business success plan for 2017?

You probably know it’s critical to create your yearly business plan… but that can be so boring!

It’s also important to develop your dream… but how do you take action on a dream?

In this workshop, we’ll help you develop your dream, clarify your action steps, and walk out with your customized 2017 action plan.

You’ll get a free workbook, checklist, and industry matrix to help you connect the dots and create a quarter by quarter plan. There are many paths to success and we want to support you in developing your own.

You’ll also:

          learn 10 new mobile tools.

          gain insights into other successful marketing campaigns.

          get motivated, supported, and encouraged.

There are many paths to success and we want to support you in developing your own. 

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We’re going to take a closer look at your current audience size. Every brand serves a community or perhaps several. We’re going to help you identify where you currently are, where your collaborators and competition is, and where you would like to go. Different strategies drive different results and we’ll provide you with several tactics based on your goals and vision.
Dreamosity-2016-Audience-StagesNot all dreams are created equal. Some take hours of prep and some take weeks or years of planning. We do know this, ther is data behind your dreams.

Did you know for every online sale you make, you may have to reach 100-1000 people?

Did you know it’s actually pretty easy to reach 10,000 people and might only cost a few grand to communicate to 1 Million people online?

Not everyone has something ready for 1M people though. We will help you sort through those wild crazy dreams, and the ones you’re willing to plan, budget, and work toward.


This event will help you dream realistically and it will be fun and collaborative, too!Join us today!



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