A Case for Consistent Content

We as a people who all have a social media presence should have more silliness in our posts! The key? Consistent content!

We live in an attention economy. As a result of this economy, there are over 250 million photos uploaded online every day and 700 thousand status updates every minute! Clearly, people have something to say as this seems to be pretty consistent content that is being posted. Our status updates become a part of the story of our lives as we are each a content creator!

“You can’t have a grand slam with one piece of content.”

Marcelle Allen

To have a social media presence, you need more than one or even two posts. Content is essential and each person is a content creator! There needs to be consistent content put out into the internet from you! For instance, maybe you post something that will make someone smile! May as well brighten someone’s day while you’re working on your social media presence, right?

How do you create content? Let us know in the comments!

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