Theme Park Life as a Business Owner

Do you ever feel like business life is fun, or that life is a wild ride? I sure do! Today I want to touch on a few ways our lives and businesses can be very much like a theme park. The Wild Ride Sometimes the income disappears right out from under you, like tracks on…

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Tealight or Pillar – The Candle Questions

On October 2nd Dreamosity is challenging you to imagine yourself as a candle. Who are you? What would the components of that candle be? Are you in a jar or bare for the world to see? Is your flame bold and bright or flickering and unsure? Are you a tealight floating in a bowl of…

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Silver Bullets and Magic Potions

Play “Howlin’ for You” by The Black Keys while reading for a more interactive experience! It’s spooky season! The time of magic potions and silver bullets, mythology and magic. We’ve likely all played a game or watched a show where there is a solution, spell, or aid that seems like a fantasy in comparison to…

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Zen with Zentangles

Enjoy some music while you read or draw! Did you ever scrawl random lines across a page and then doodle inside them with other shapes, patterns, or colors? Congratulations, you’ve drawn a zentangle! This use to be a favorite pastime of mine in elementary school. These days there are entire “how-tos” for zentangles showcasing gorgeous…

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Baking and Science – The Overlap

dough and flour near lemons and rolling pin

I’m an avid baker. I wouldn’t be any good without a basic understanding of science though. Measurements, weights, and even reactions all play a huge part in baking. Making my own recipes often feels like I’m playing mad scientist. Most failures are just a step closer to my desired end result but some go completely…

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Design Discussions – Photos vs Anatograms

Bite Size Anatomy

I joined Marcelle and a small group for Design Discussions this morning. We had a great discussion around the concepts of what makes an Anatogram (Marcelle’s own word for the anatomy of a subject). From my perspective an anatogram can show the most important parts of a subject. It can show the positives or negatives,…

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