[Video] Interview with We Fix Ugly Design Founder, Brian Trendler

Dreamosity has evolved because of this guy! Brian Trendler is the founder of We Fix Ugly Design and an incredible asset to my team.

My graphic designer , the ‘design guy’, and fixer of ugly, was kind enough to answer some of my questions on branding.

What exactly is brand damage?

Brand damage is everywhere!! With so many places to post, keeping consistency is hard.

(Brian is working on a course all about Brand Damage – more coming soon on that!)

How do you know if you’ve committed brand damage?

  1. No consistent look and feel A – Z
  2. Posting mis match color pallets.

Is it better to have all branded content or none – or a hodgepodge?

Decide up front! Develop a style guide.

What is the WAY you publish and share content? Write it down and make sure your team knows those best practices.

More from We Fix Ugly Design on Dreamosity’s transformation

If you don’t love your current logo and you aren’t excited to show people your website, connect with Brian Trendler to get help on your branding!

Learn more at WeFixUglyDesign.com

Some of the other Dreamosity elements Brian has helped me with:

Book Design

Our Developing Digital You workbook wouldn’t be the same without a classic, easy to follow design.

Developing Digital You workbook preview





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Dreamosity Logo

For years I struggled to truly LOVE my logo. I’ve had several designers attempt something and it was never something I truly was proud to share. This is where it is today!

The little colorful ball of goodness is the ‘Dreamosity Orbe.’ It represents our dreams and the every moving, changing, reflection of what’s possible and achievable.

Dreamosity logo b

Isn’t it great!?

Dreamosity Postcards

After doing 99% digital communication for so long I’ve finally got a nice, clean, postcard I can send. While I’m still doing the majority of my communications online, I love knowing I can send these at a moments notice. Maybe you’ll get one soon!?
Dreamosity post cards


Remarkable Leadership graphic

After doodling and reworking this graphic, it’s finally polished and ready for a keynote presentation.


Remarkable Leaders are the folks I want to serve most. They have the ability to do so much and it’s often a small shift is someone’s business model that can help them serve so many more people.

This graphic introduces the idea of Visual Leaders and the need for creativity and influence to help leaders have more dynamic impact.

Be on the lookout for more video interviews! If you know of a remarkable leader in business, please connect us.

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