[Video] Favorite Business Development Tools

First off, know that tools move fast in this digital age. Favorite Business Development tools may come and go on a quarterly or annual basis.

Recently someone told me the Discovery Deck was an incredible business development tool and that was a new phrase to me. It fascinated me. I’ve been doing some research on business development and the tools teams use for continued success.

“Judge a man by his questions, not by his answers.”

I’d love to hear from you, whether simple or complex, what are some of your business development tools?


Dealing with Digital Overwhelm

For me personally, there are so many ways to manage social media. Because it’s overwhelming for me sometimes and that means it’s even more overwhelming for clients.

Business Development Online

Social Audience Matrix as a Business Development tool

Due to my eager attempt to lessen the overwhelm I created this grid called the Social Audience Matrix. It measures expert level and audience size. I can ask someone to point on the graphic where thy find themselves and they can usually do so quickly after a few clarifying questions. This is my current favorite Biz Development Tool!




Either you’re just getting started, playing in the middle of the grid somewhere or are far past the stage 5 audience range. We’re all taking actions every day and not all of them are MVP actions. So if you want to be an MVP, study the actions the industry leaders in your space take.

Most of all I hope you can use this matrix to better understand where you are and where you can go. As a result of all my client projects, I do know that there are different strategies required for different stages of growth.

If you would like to discuss all the best business development tools for developing your social media success strategy, book your Discovery Session today.

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