How to prepare your own wisdom guide

In the design industry, it’s common for designers to provide a style guide. In the accounting industry, it’s common for bookkeepers to deliver a Profit & Loss report. What about the online marketing space? What does your social media manager provide you?

My proposed solution: Wisdom guide

This is a combination of industry research, key hashtags, best converting headlines, and perhaps some images and sales processes.

Every single one of my clients has come to me with a different level of marketing concepts, website sales systems, and fascination with the power of the internet.

The world of social media moves so quickly that best practices don’t always get defined and key insights don’t always make it back to the key decision maker.


How to set up your own Wisdom guide.

  1. Purchase a presentation folder
  2. Develop your table of contents
  3. Develop a pretty cover image
  4. Fill it with wisdom

It’s really quite simple at first and this collection of documents will evolve and change each year, if not quarterly, or monthly.

More to come on this as it’s evolving and please know I’m open to your feedback and suggestions.


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