[Video] What is your humor script?

A humor script is simply a sequence of words used for a purpose. Scripts generally are frowned upon but once you begin to really refine an idea and bring a concept to the world, scripts are like gold.

Humor Scripts in business

Eric Lofhom teaches that’s it’s a very strategic and wise idea to leverage humor scripts in business. Sometimes they are planned, and sometimes they happen randomly. I would suggest that if you can say something once and it works, capture it and leverage it again for a future event.

What is your humor script?

After further thought on this and several LAF Tech workshops, I’ve decided it’s best to have more than one! If you spend time with funny people long enough you’ll notice they often repeat similar phrases because they’ve proven to be effective. Those are humor scripts! They may not admit to it, but the lines of text spoken is a form of a script.

laf-tech-workshopsWhat do you think of scripts, Yay or Nay?

If your comedy confidence is lower than you would like, consider writing out humor scripts. Test them in front of several individuals, in front of an audience, or even on the phone. Then, watch and listen closely. Do folks chuckle? Laugh hysterically? Snort? Stare blankly?

It’s not easy but with a little focus and being intentional you can make others laugh.

Humor Script Process

  1. Think
  2. Write
  3. Test
  4. Listen
  5. Rewrite

One of my favorite things has been to watch others and learn. It’s not that I want to copy them but my appreciation runs deep and I’m fascinated by all the possibilities.

Judy Carter taught me an easy formula and I’ll share that here.

Work in 3s and use the line “You know you’re a _____ when: One is  (insert obvious answer).  Two is (insert second obvious answer).  Three is (insert random or unexpected asnwer).

This is a simple framework that could be used time and time again across industries and expertise.

You could even mix it up, and try “You know you’ve ________ when 1_____ 2_____ 3 _____. Make three hilarious!

If you’ve mastered a line you’re willing to share, please do so in the comments.

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