[Video] Interview with Brian Gibbs of Focused Idea

Local Search Ultimate guideI learned so much from Brian Gibbs during this interview! It was such a gift to get clairty on one big abstract question I’ve had. Most questions are typed out below so if you want to see a framework for our conversation. We talked a bit about failure, clarity, Facebook ads, industry leaders, and more!

What is the power in having a focused idea?

What type of advice to get someone to focus on ONE big idea?

How does local search and google ad words make a complete marketing campaign?

What about a little space like The Remarkable room? How can we leverage the search engines?

What was that WordPress plugin you taught me the other day?

How do you use your athletic competitiveness now in business? How does the mindset make a difference?

Big abstract question: How can a thought leader use a competitive edge to lead an industry forward? What are the ways a thought leader can advance an industry vs just being profitable?

If there no vision in an industry or marketplace, is it that your role to create that vision and cast that precise, focused idea?

Would you say that in 2016/2017 that everyone on the team is a content creator to some point?

Tell us what are some of the beginners mistakes or old dog mistakes?

(not sure what happened to our audio this point? We sound deeper!)

Would you call video automation?

So how do you do automation right, in a nutshell?

Does the buffer app interrupt the Facebook algorithm?

How can we automate Facebook ads? At what point is it really automated?

Do you see a mistake with small business owners doing too little in Facebook ads?

Brian gibbs book The ultimate guide to marketing a local business

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The Ultimate Guide to Local Marketing


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