Instagram insights: How to plan your Instagram feed

Instagram insights: How to plan your Instagram feed


Dani Graham of Dig-It Flower Farm will be co-presenting with Marcelle Allen! We’re sisters and it should be a ton of fun! Productive fun, it’s totally a thing.

If you have no clue who we are, you can watch a short video interview I did with Dani a few months back.

What to expect

We’re going to show a handful of examples of how Instagram can help showcase your business. You’ll get a handout with the presentation, a great notepad with a fun framework, and be able to ask any Instagram question you might have.

We will also be reviewing a few of your feeds LIVE during the class so if you’d like to be selected please let us know.

Benefits of learning to plan your Instagram feed!

  • Saves time and increases efficiency.
  • Allows you to create thoughtful content for Instagram feed to eventually increase sales.
  • Android & iPhone applications
  • You will leave with resources to create a 9 image layout to get started right away.
  • Get your feed reviewed.

Who this is for!

  1. People who already have an Instagram account.
  2. People looking to accelerate their results online.
  3. People who actually have something to sell. It’s hard to sell more if you have nothing to sell. 
  4. People who are open to new ways to collaborate.

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What does it cost?

It’s a $25 investment. Totally worth it.

Grab your tickets today!

How many people?

We’re going to cap the event at 10 students. First come first serve so grab your ticket today.

Where is it located?

In the heart of downtown Bothell on Main Street. We’re directly above the Baskin Robbins and parking is free at the City Call building, anywhere on Main Stree or at Washington Federal because it’s a weekend.

The official address: 10009 Main St, Bothell WA 98011

Go ahead and put it on your calendar now. We can’t wait to share & strategize with you!

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