Exploring Awesome podcast: Humor Heals, Social Media reconnect us, Communities are formed!

Jim Kellner recently had me on his podcast and afterward, I wanted to dig up some pictures to share our story even further. Thankfully my Instagram feed has a better memory than me.

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Jim and I go way back according to my instagram feed. What I love about social media is that paths cross multiple times and opportunities to collaborate and connect are frequent.

Jim Kellner, Marcelle Allen and Brian Trendler

LAF Tech 2.0 planning session! Must get a pic with the hypnotist


Jim Kellner at the Rendezvous Jewel Box

This is called talent scouting 😉 We were very impressed.


Small business networking!

Post PNA we gather for coffee and idea storming. Really, we all just wanted to laugh.


Jim Kellner experiences a MINI!

Jim joined us for one of our LAF Tech Mini events! These folks are all developing their own mix of humor.


LAF Tech 2.0!

LAF Tech 2.0 was just picking up traction at this point. Jim Kellner and Jeffrey Robert shared their message and their tips with us. We all learned a ton.

All this happened over the course of 87 weeks! Things don’t always make sense on day one but if you stay connected, great collaborations arise. Play the podcast at the top of this post and leave your questions or comments below.

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