8 Minute Webinar Recording details!

It’s Christmas in June for me and I want to make sure your July feels like Christmas!

I’m so grateful to my PNA Family for the flood of referrals and interest in developing an online video strategy. I made this sweet offer for you all!

As many of you have heard me share at our morning breakfast meetings, here’s the scoop!

8 Minute PNA Presentation turned Webinar

If you’ve got a Powerpoint/Keynote presentation that you’ve shared or want to share at PNA, this is perfect for you!

If you’ve got a Facebook page or YouTube page, this is perfect for you to share with them!

If you’ve got a brand/program that isn’t fully understood by some of your current friends & family, this is for you!

How will it work

We’ll schedule a 60-minute slot in the near future. Please use this link to reserve your time.

You can be here at The Remarkable Room or I can record the presentation from your office with the webinar software.

I’ll answer any questions you have before we begin.

We’ll both login my webinar software and I’ll make you the presenter. You’ll be able to share your screen and begin presenting just like a PNA presentation.

I’ll record it and export the file for our use.

We can upload it to Facebook or YouTube, or both!

How does payment work?

You can bring a check for $100 at the time of recording.

You can also let me swipe your credit card on my nifty square app at the next PNA meeting to reserve your time.

You can also follow this link for a fast PayPal checkout.

What do I do with the video once I have it?

We syndicate it! Syndicate is a fancy word for share. We’ll find the right audiences or online groups where this

We’ll find the right audiences or online groups where this relevant.

I’ll personally share it to 2 communities that I lead.

You can pin it to the top of your Facebook page.

You can add it to your email signature.

You can write a blog post about it.

You can share it to your referral partners

There are endless ways to share great content!


From our syndication, we’ll be able to measure our results. You might get 1,000 views and you might get 323. There is data behind your dreams and I’ll help you understand it and plan for a successful video launch.

What if my presentation doesn’t work?

There are sometimes technical difficulties.

During the 60 minute session, we’ll be able to record it 2-3 times if necessary.

If the internet at your home isn’t the best, let’s plan on recording it at The Remarkable Room.

If for some reason you are totally unsatisfied with the process and the final recording, I’ll offer an in store credit for future coaching or training events.

What’s the point of this again?

Leverage your time

Stop repeating yourself on the common points in your business

Generate more sales

Educate your audience

Get comfortable with technology and share your message to people outside of your network

Ask your PNA family to share this video with their network once it’s online. Remember you’re here to equip us as your sales people, not just hope we buy or have referrals. This video presentation will become a sales tool for months and years to come.



Any other questions? Leave me a comment below or give me a call.




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