The Social Audience Matrix – Where do you fall?

After 7 years of growing audiences for clients, I developed a matrix to help people understand where they are and where they want to go. Your audience matters!

This is not a respect matrix, a profit matrix, or a leadership matrix. It simply highlights the size of the brands audience.


The Rows represent your level of expertise.

Where would you place yourself currently?

Are you developing some skills and are new to the game? Perhaps you’re a rookie!

Are you a master of your craft and have been in the game for decades? Maybe a MVP!

The Columns represent the size of your audience.

Do you communicate to a few dozen people each week?

A few thousands?

Tens of thousands?

If you need to increase sales you either need to increase the amount of people who see your sales page or you need to improve your product or sales copy.

If you need to pull away from the rookie phase, consider collaborating with other thought leaders or investing in your branding and design.

Depending on what your goals and vision are, you can learn a lot from what those around you are doing. We’re all players in this virtual attention game and none of us can do it alone. Who do you know who has a MVP’s on their team? Who do you know leads a large online community?

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