Webinars, wisdom, and my word of the year!

Webinars are one of the tech tools I want to use more in 2017. My word of the year is RUN, but not in the athletic sense. Ever since I lost my husband in the summer of 2014 I’ve been crawling, walking, and maybe jogging metaphorically speaking. I’ve been extremely gentle on myself and my goals. I’ve done what it takes to keep my chin up and bills paid. I’ve done a tremendous amount of reflecting, healing, laughing, reading and simply watching others live their lives. My favorite online group last year was Humor Heals. Please join us for more laughs in your life.


I’m truly excited to step up the pace in 2017 and run webinars, run scripts, run workshops and maybe even run trails. Do you have a special word of the year?

Dreamosity Projects

Wisdom Guides

I starting developing wisdom guides for clients in 2016. I’m still fleshing out the details and the uses but the goal is to solve the common problems I see with business owners. Often business owners walk into our office and have no idea what their top converting headlines are, how to close a sale consistently, or what their brand colors are. I’m amazed knowing that previous marketing teams or a lack of any marketing support prevents business owners from knowing valuable information about their brand.

In 2017, all Dreamosity clients will have wisdom guides created. If I ever get hit by a bus or they decide to go in a different direction, in theory, I could hand this wisdom from the last several campaigns and marketing projects and they could be equipped or equip their newest team member with this resource.

Imagine if you’re also a social media manager right now and a new client walked in and equipped YOU with all the highlights and lessons over their last few years regarding their marketing messages!? It would be delightful!

Dreamosity Dreaming


This last month I’ve hosted two webinars for my Remarkable Room community and one for a client. They’re so much easier than I remember which is great news! I probably watch on average of 10 webinars a month just to stay up to date with industry insights and concepts but it’s a big shift going from watching to teaching. I’m excited about this shift! It’s part of my energy for the year, to run webinars.

One of my client webinars was all about How to Become a Smooth Organizer. Since we’re defining a new type of way of being. It’s a fine line between minimalist and perfectionist and we want to build a community of people good at grieving, being generous and staying organized. Too often in this world is a person shamed for being skills like being a “neat freak” and we’re bringing a healthy balance into the mix. Become a Smooth Organizer.

It’s a lovely balance of knowledge and caring

One of the things I love about being a social media manager is I get to dive deeply into someone’s expertise and help display it in a fun and social way. Their message often needs to be revisited and reflected on so it can be brought to the marketplace in a creative and conversational way.

This graphic above is especially special to me. In the last year or so I’ve been working on this concept called “Visual Leadership” which takes things beyond “Thought Leadership” and helps people visualize where they are and where they want to go.

Reflecting on the start

It’s been a lovely January and these are some highlights that I felt were share-worthy each day on Instagram. I’m grateful because learning about this creative network has brought my sister and I am closer together and we’re preparing to co-teach a workshop in March. Other favorites from this year were beginning to bullet journal, signing 5 new contracts in the 1st ten days of the month, and going to see Monster Jam for my Dad’s birthday. You never know what’s going to catch my attention in a given month but I’m constantly inspired by what I find and experience.

Instagram photos from January


Dreamosity suggests

Going tall

One of the themes I taught a lot in 2016 was “going tall,” especially where blogging and Pinterest are concerned. I’m going to be experimenting with several ways of visually extending content this year and I’m curious how others respond. Graphics like this can be created with an app called ‘browseshot’ and then edited in pixlr app to crop it. I take a lot of photos and will share the months collection in each blog post. If we aren’t connected on Instagram yet, find me at Instagram.com/Dreamosity and let me know if you’ll be blogging this year or not. It’s important for me to always discover remarkable content to learn from and reflect on.

I’m hoping to create a more structured format for these blog posts moving forward, but for now, this is a good start. Please let me know if there is anything about my projects, events, or business that you’d like me to cover in depth in future posts.

Stay remarkable.

You can’t be remarkable just once.

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