How do you express visual leadership?

In a world of social media, branding, and more, how do you know if your company has visual leadership? You know what leadership is; you know what visuals are. So, how are you helping clients achieve better outcomes with this technique? In Marcelle’s video, she gives two examples of people/companies that are using visual leadership…

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Are you in the game? Facebook fundamentals for Toastmasters

You have it in you to take action. There are two types of people on Facebook, spectators and creators. Which are you?

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[VIDEO] How long do you want that to be your story?

When people complain, rant, vent it’s never fun to hear about for more than a minute or two. Yes let people get it off their chest but don’t let them continue down that same sad story. This question can be very powerful when asked at the right time in the right way. You really want…

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