[Video] YouTube Potential for speakers

YouTube is becoming a big deal. Let’s talk about what kinds of people are on YouTube. This was written for my friends at Anacortes Toastmasters back in 2013 and I still believe the content is relevant in 2019.

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Determine your level of engagement with YouTube

There are three types of people on YouTube:

  • The Viewer
  • The Channel Owner/The Content Creator
  • The YouTube Celebrity

The potential on YouTube is huge!

A lot of my clients don’t consider themselves a public speaker just yet and they are hopeful. This article was written in 2019 to inspire folks to focus on their potential as a professional speaker. It’s never too early to start planning for ways to collaborate online and off. The YouTube potential for speakers is quite remarkable!

Most folks don’t even know the business side of YouTube and aren’t making anything. Some have found the potential and are making as much as $10,000+ per video. That could be YOU!

How to get started!?

The easiest way to get started is to simply set up a channel. Visit YouTube and use your gmail account to set up a channel. Don’t forget to download the playbook above and read through. Reach out after you’ve read the first few pages if you’d like support with the technical part of launching a YouTube channel.

With all that being shared, what type of video creator are you and which would you like to be? Leave us a comment below.

YouTube potential

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